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What's The Site About?

I am a data scientist with a love of numbers so what better combination than football and statistics? Pena.lt/y is a place for me to write down my thoughts on football and its mathematical analysis. I don’t want it to just be about me though, so please let me know what you think and join the discussion!

What’s With The Strange Name For The Website?

I'm a bit late to the party and most of the interesting web domains have already been taken so I ended up using a domain hack to try and spell the word penalty – pena.lt/y.

Can I Re-Use Your Material?

Yes, the blog is intended to be educational and hopefully the articles here can help generate further discussion about how best to analyse football so I am all for sharing information. There are a few minor conditions though:

  • You credit me with the original work
  • You provide a link back to the original material here
  • You are not charging a fee for it, as I would like the information here to remain freely available
  • I would also appreciate it if you let me know as I am interested in people’s opinions on what I have posted. Plus I maybe able to help you out by providing updated or customized information, images etc.

Where Do You Get Your Data From?

There is a huge amount of data recorded for professional football but sadly a lot of it is not freely available or easy to access. Because of this, most of the data I use is scraped from various websites across the internet and painstakingly joined together. Unfortunately, this means that I cannot share the data I collect as it would probably infringe somebody's copyright somewhere, or at least annoy them...

What Tools Do You Use To Analyse The Data?

There is probably a very long blog to post to be written at some point about the data science stack I use but the succinct version is R, Python, PostGreSQL, MongoDB and Amazon Web Services.

Can you write an article for my site?

You are welcome to get in touch but I warn you in advance that I'm very busy!

Can I write an article for your site?

Maybe, get in touch and we can discuss your ideas further to see how feasible they are.

Can I ask A Question?

Of course!



Pena.lt/y is a site dedicated to football analytics. You'll find lots of research, tutorials and examples on the blog and on GitHub. get in touch.

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